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GSI Orchestra SDK

Geometry Systems Inc. (GSI) provides the next generation design tools for 3D digital model creation. In addition to GSI Studio suite of end-user applications for professional designers to effectively transform 3D scan data processing, GSI also offers a Software Development Kit named GSI Orchestra to help developers quickly creating domain specific solutions. GSI Orchestra SDK has two major components: the high performance graphic kernel and its matching highly configurable GUI framework. In addition to its wide range of ready-to-use functions and comprehensive services, the kernel is very modular with well-defined APIs for easy plug-in interface. The GUI framework is script driven and can be further customized by end-users of the developed solution.

· Well defined API for quick plug-in development
· Highly modular architecture for easy DLL packaging
· Wide range of existing functions and services
· Support different user interface environments
· Very high performance
· Script based configurable GUI without coding or compilation
· Able to handle large and complex models with millions of polygons
· Open tool extension
· Maintain high degree of model data resolution
· Efficient system resource usage
· Easy interface to 3rd party applications
· Support international languages

· Easy to use for new users
· Fast to see high quality results
· Flexible to suite different development process and organization
· Cost effective solution
· One stop shopping for all major mesh related functions
· Open architecture to customized plug-ins enhancement to protect investment

Service Highlights
· Memory management
· Plug-in module registration, invocation, and clean-up
· Multi-threads synchronization
· Tool and task organization
· Logging
· Feature based license management
· Event and message management

Function Highlights

- Camera positions and zoom
- Different sectional views
- Measurement
- Unit conversion

Model orientation
- Translate, rotate, scale
- Plane based orientation

Hole filling
- Basic hole filling
- Straight and curvature based bridges
- Hole boundary editing

Mesh editing and sculpting
- Smoothing
- Mesh clean-up
- Decimate (global or selected faces)
- Subdivide (global or selected faces)
- Interactive sculpting
- Mesh copying, cutting, and trimming
- Stitching with resolution control
- Mirror
- Trimming
- Shelling

Registration (Optional)
- Direct scanner data interface
- Registration scan data sets
- Merge registered data sets into a single water tight mesh model

Surfacing (Optional)
- Curve network creation
- Automatic curve and surface generation
- Curve editing
- Curve network template
- NURBS surface generation with continuity management
- Multi-resolution re-meshing

Scanner operation (Optional)
- Direct scanner control
- Direct data collection scanner
- Combining scan data with high resolution (> 5M pixels) 2D image
- Scan data filtering
- Direct monitor and range image viewing
- Direct turn-table control
- Multi-scanners (up to 7) synchronized control

Maps (Optional)
- Displacement map
- Texture map
- Normal map
- Others

Color and texture map support

Input and output
- Import: STL (both ASCII and binary), OBJ, PLY, GSF, IGS, STEP, and many others
- Export: STL (both ASCII and binary), OBJ, PLY, IGS, GSF, STEP, and many others

Systems Environments
· Microsoft Window NT4.0, 2000, and XP.
· Unix (HPUX, Solaris, SGI, and Linux)
· RAM: 512M or more recommended
· Free Hard Disk Space: 200M or more recommended
· Stylus pressure sensitive pad is recommended but not required

Other GSI Products
· GSI Viewer Studio
· GSI Scan Studio
· GSI Crystal Studio
· GSI Studio

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