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Geometry Systems Inc. offers:

  • GSI Studio: for entertainment and engineering applications involving model viewing, model orientation, mesh alignment and merge, mesh healing, mesh sculpting, curve network creation, NURBS surfacing, restructured mesh/grid generation, 3D paint, and texture mapping.

  • GSI Mesh Studio: for 3D polygon mesh applications covering scanner control, mesh alignment and merge, mesh healing, and mesh sculpting.

  • GSI Crystal Studio - for laser sub-surface engraving applications. It handles both 3D and 2D images to create precisely positioned point cloud ready for laser engraving machines.

  • GSI Crystal Plus Studio - in addition to the functions of GSI Crystal Studio, it provide the functions like mesh align and merge to create 360 degree point cloud instead of just the frontal view.

  • GSI Viewer Studio: for general 3D model viewing and display.

  • GSI Orchestra SDK - in addition to the end-user products, GSI also offers a development platform for customers and partners to develop their own application specific tools and solutions quickly and economically.

A typical workflow form mesh to NURBS surface is shown below:

The original model is:

Step 1: Scan a model into computer

Step 2: Align the scanned meshes

Step 3: Merge the aligned meshes

Step 4: Fix hole and smooth mesh

Step 5: Create curve network

Step 6: Create grid/restructure mesh with LOD management

Step 7: Create NURBS surface with boundary continuity management

Step 8: Output NURBS patches, curves, restructured mesh, grid, texture map, etc

*We want to express our thanks to Michael Garland for Mixkit, Mensi for their SDK, Minolta for their DSK, Cyberware for the sample echo file IO, Imagemagic, OpenNURBS from Rhin, and qhull code. Our align and merge software is based on the Scanalyze system developed at Stanford University for the Digital Michelangelo Project and we like to thank Stanford University for their great help.

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