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Crystal Sub-surface Engraving


GSI Crystal Studio

Geometry Systems Inc. (GSI) provides the next generation design tools for 3D digital model creation and processing. GSI Crystal Studio offers a comprehensive set of tools for professional operators to effectively scan and transform 3D and 2D scan data into high quality point cloud ready for laser engraving. GSI product’s modular design allows it to be easily extended and reconfigured for customer specific workflows.

· Efficient direct scanner control and data collection
· Point cloud generation with precise point distance control
· Comprehensive lighting and contrast control
· Mesh healing and sculpting
· Model and point cloud scaling, translation, and rotation
· Support different dithering algorithms with precise spacing and sorting control
· High degree of precision and control
· Configurable GUI to adapt to customer specific workflow
· Open Tool Extension API to supports new plug-in tools and algorithms
· Easy interface to 3rd party applications
· Support international languages

· Quick to learn and easy to use for new users
· Efficient operations for avid operators
· Fast to see high quality results
· Flexible and extensible to suite customized workflow and organization
· Cost effective solution
· One stop shopping for all major functions

· Crystal laser engraving for both 3D and 2D models

Product Highlights

Point cloud creation
- Precise points pacing and layering control independent of scan resolution
- Light and contrast management
- Wide range dithering algorithms selection
- Support both 3D and 2D operation
- Direct crystal type and size selection

- Camera positions and zoom
- Different lighting position
- Measurement and unit conversion

Scanner operation
- Direct scanner control and data collection from scanner
- Able to combining scan data with high resolution (> 5M pixels) 2D image
- Scan data automatic filtering and smoothing
- Direct monitor and range image viewing

Model orientation
- Translate, rotate, and scale for mesh and point cloud

Hole filling
- Basic hole filling
- Straight and curvature based bridges
- Hole boundary editing and smoothing

Mesh editing and sculpting
- Smoothing
- Mesh clean-up
- Interactive sculpting

Input, output, and file formats
- Import: XYX, 3DS, DXF, CAD, STL (both ASCII and binary), OBJ, PLY, GSF, CAM, CDM, CAD, VRML
- Export: point cloud in CAD, DXF, and XYZ formats
- Images: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and others

Systems Environments
· Microsoft Window NT4.0, 2000, and XP.
· Unix (HPUX, Solaris, SGI, and Linux)
· RAM: 512M or more recommended
· Free Hard Disk Space: 100M or more recommended
· Stylus pressure sensitive pad is recommended but not required

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